Washington Electric Utilities CO₂ Emissions
QUESTION(S) Answered
What were the annual emissions and average emissions rates of Washington's electric utilities in 2018?
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This visualization shows emissions from Washington’s electric utilities in 2018 by displaying both total annual emissions and average emissions rates in 2018.

Emissions from each of the utilities are shown as shares of the total annual emissions by electric utilities in Washington. For utilities that also provide service in neighboring states, such as Avista and Pacific Power, only the share of emissions from Washington customers is shown.

A utility’s emission rate is based on how much CO₂ is emitted during the production of electricity. The overall emissions depend on the emissions rate as well as the total electricity produced and customers served. It is possible to see utilities that have cleaner electricity production despite having higher overall emissions, such as Puget Sound Energy compared to Pacific Power (WA).

How to Use

Hover your mouse over the visualization to see exact figures (especially for the smaller boxes) and click on each element for more options. Highlight a specific utility by using the search box in the upper righthand corner.

The box size corresponds to the utility’s total 2018 emissions, and the color indicates its emissions rate (CO₂ lbs / MWh).

Click on the "reset" button (fourth from the right in the bottom right-hand toolbar) to return to the original view. To learn about interacting with the visualizations, visit Tableau Tips.