Measuring greenhouse gas emissions is a baseline requirement for determining how to meet carbon reduction targets. We have to know where we are starting in terms of what we are emitting to calculate the amount we have to reduce. Further, since carbon emission reduction strategies vary widely across the different sectors and processes that cause the emissions, we have to know which sectors and activities emit the most.

In addition, it matters how clean the electric grid is to start with because the decarbonized economy of the future will need to be powered by 100% clean electricity. Here in the Northwest, we are fortunate because our grid is relatively clean compared to other regions in the country due to the prevalence of hydropower. This means we have a head start on decarbonization and can use our clean electricity to power as many processes and appliances as the grid can reliably and affordably provide electricity for.

This section shows greenhouse gas emissions produced in the Northwest with three visualizations. The first displays emissions from fossil fuel combustion by end-use sector. The second and third visualizations are maps showing point source emissions reported by large facilities, categorized by greenhouse gas type and industrial process.