The Clean Energy Transition Institute developed the Northwest Clean Energy Atlas to provide regional stakeholders interactive tools to explore energy data relevant to deep decarbonization in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.


In May 2020, the Tableau Foundation awarded the Clean Energy Transition Institute (CETI) a grant of software, training, and Tableau licenses to support the Northwest Clean Energy Atlas.
Inspired by the impressive Oregon Department of Energy 2020 Biennial Energy Report, CETI created data visualizations and analyses for the four Northwest states: Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.
Data for how the four Northwest states produce, purchase, and use energy exist in a variety of resources that have differing levels of detail, accessibility, and transparency, which makes tracking and comparing data among the states challenging. The Northwest Clean Energy Atlas aims to serve as a source of aggregated data with visualizations and commentary to drive regionally focused energy system planning and analysis.


David Paolella, CETI Research Analyst from July 2020-July 2021, created visualizations for the Northwest Clean Energy Atlas.
Samikshya Pandey, CETI Contract Researcher from September 2021-December 2021, produced the State Energy Flows Additional Analysis and contributed to written content.
Mariah Caballero, CETI Research Fellow, produced the Community-Defined Decarbonization maps and contributed to written content.
Leslie Nguyen, Cassidy Quigley, and Jade Sauvé, CETI Research Fellows, contributed to data analysis and visualizations.
Caleb Smith, CETI Digital Communications Consultant, designed the website.
Ben Hagen, CETI Development and Digital Communications Coordinator, provided communications support.
Ruby Moore-Bloom, CETI Researcher, and Eileen V. Quigley, CETI Executive Director, wrote and edited content.
Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during beta testing: Tiany Galaskas, Eyd M. Groenadal, Ben Hagen, Dana Hagen, Matt Hagen, JP Huerta, Anna Iglitzin, Jacob Iglitzin, Brendan McLaughlin, Leslie Nguyen, Ruth Presslaff, Cassidy Quigley, Jade Sauvé, Austin Scharff, Leah Shamlian, Ian Staeheli, Delany Steele, Chris Stolte, and Whiting Tennis.


CETI hopes that the Atlas will promote engagement and interaction among policymakers, advocates, and other stakeholders. We would be grateful if you would share your feedback with us here.