Northwest Combustible Fuels Imported and Produced
QUESTION(S) Answered
Which combustible fuels (biomass, coal, natural gas, and petroleum) were produced versus imported in each of the four Northwest states from 1960-2020?
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This visualization shows how much biomass, coal, natural gas, and petroleum are imported versus produced in the Northwest states, both historically since 1960 (lower visualization) and in 2020 (upper visualization). Note that the 2020 data reflect COVID-19’s impact on energy use and consumption.

Notice that Montana stands out as a major producer of combustible fuels, mostly due to its coal production, while Washington, Idaho and Oregon import a large portion of the combustible fuels they consume.

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For additional analysis of the energy use for each of the four Northwest states, including a side-by-side comparison of energy resources produced in each state, please see here.