Greenhouse gas emissions that cause atmospheric warming come from a variety of sources and all need to be addressed to achieve a fully decarbonized world. Since the commercial, residential, industrial, transportation, and electricity sectors constitute approximately 89% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, developing strategies to reduce their emissions is highly leveraged. In order to determine how to reduce energy emissions, we need to know what produces them.

This section starts with a Sankey diagram that shows the energy story of each of the four Northwest states, including the energy resources that produce electricity; whether energy resources are produced or imported in each state; which energy resources are used by each sector; and how much energy is wasted.

The next five visualizations highlight various aspects of the same data, focusing on energy resources both for direct use and to produce electricity, combustible fuels, and wind and solar energy generation. The final two visualizations in this section are maps that show where electricity is generated in the Northwest.

Additional context and comparative analysis of the region’s energy use is available under “Northwest State Energy Flows Additional Analysis.”